The Benefits of Social Media


Whether you are a small or large organisation, social media presence is necessary, now more than ever, when providing benefits to companies all across the globe. However, some people are still dubious about the idea of social media; therefore this post will enlighten these benefits and show how valuable the likes of: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram along with many other sites can enhance your business’s success. So here’s a look at a selection of ways in which social media can benefit you as an organisation:

Brand Recognition

Social media is a great way to increase brand recognition. There are many social networking sites now available at a click of a button, which just means that there are new ways of interacting with audiences and channelling information to them with no extra cost. The fact that there are ever growing networking sites makes it easier for you to engage with your existing and new customers quickly and easily.

Brand Loyalty

On average, people spend around 3+ hours a day on social networking sites, so it is a perfect opportunity for you to engage with your customers and by doing so will increase their loyalty to the brand. Customers have many unanswered questions or complaints about a product or service, therefore, by responding to these questions and complaints will increase their loyalty due to the brand being interested in the feedback of their customers. Overall, it will make the customer happy and remain customer satisfaction.

Insight into your Customers and Audience

Due to the fact that social media gives you instant access to your audience means that you get instant feedback, positive and negative. This instant access provides you with insights into the mind of your customers. For example, if you post a new product on the market, you will know immediately what people think of it. This allows for improvements and future knowledge of what to do next time.

Competitor Monitoring

If customers can instantly tweet, share and post thoughts and feelings on your business, they can do the same for your competitors. By monitoring this, it allows key insight into your competitors which allows you to make strategic decisions that will help you stay ahead of the competition and know what move to make next.

Increase Traffic to your Website

Social media can be used as a channel to direct users to your website and vice versa. The more you share information, the chance of users seeing it increases, thus sharing website information or even increasing brand awareness all links in with users being directed to your website, hence you would see a rise in website traffic. Not only this, the more people that share information, the higher your ranking will be on the site.



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