Latest projects

  • Where’s Funky Monkey

    Where’s Funky Monkey

    Our in-house team have a huge passion for image making and illustration. They created characters and different surrounding for Where’s Funky Monkey from scratch. Where’s Funky Monkey has been created...

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  • Corporate LiveWire Expert Guide

    Corporate LiveWire Expert Guide

    We designed the IP Expert Guide for Corporate LiveWire, a news resource for business professionals around the world. Once again we designed the guide for the right market of people...

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  • Luxury Travel Guide – European Edition 2016

    Luxury Travel Guide – European Edi

    The Luxury Travel Guide is a digital travel guide available to people all over the world. We use softwares such as indesign and photoshop and then make it available online...

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  • Trophy Kingdom

    Trophy Kingdom

    Trophy Kingdom is an eCommerce website built on a Mangento engine. We advised the client to use magento because it is easy to manage and very popular as a eCommerce...

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  • Hawkins Bazaar

    Hawkins Bazaar

    We designed a brand new brochure for a local jewellers company called Hawkins Bazaar. We took their vision of being modern and unique and designed something they could proudly show...

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  • Evil Escape

    Evil Escape

    Our team of experts developed a brand new app for gamers around the world. The Evil Escape app changed the way people play mobile games, we installed micro transaction capabilities...

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